False exhibit (2) at the RCOI

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At the only official inquiry on the Little Bighorn, Major Reno and Captain  Benteen presented a false exhibit


: Robert Nightengale, Little Big Horn, FarWest Publishing, appendix C (copy of the original maps)

 Reno's defense at the Reno Court of Inquiry showed a map and said that it was a copy of Lieutenant Maguire's map of the battle and battlefield.

 Witnesses VARNUM, HERENDEEN, GODFREY, GERARD, WALLACE, DERUDIO said that the map was incorrect.

Cartographic Inc. members studied the map and Maguire original map. Here’s what they found : 10 huge irregularities (see pictures. For example, the size of the village, the crest, the hills and Reno’s position are changing).

Phil Swartzberg of Cartographic INC.:

“It would seem highly probable that the Map B [used by Reno] was drafted with Map A as a visual guide. The conclusion must be that the changes were intentional.. (…) it may be concluded that (Map B) was created to change the official view of the Battle of the Little Big Horn.”

Map A (original map by Maguire, 1876)


Map B (at the RCOI. Reno's defense claimed it was a copy of  A)


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