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Inspired by a love of history and its amazing accounts of human endeavor, model making and dramatic representations of the people, places and things that have shaped our culture.
Gregory Michno, Lakota Noon, the Indian narrative of Custer's defeat, Mountain Press, 1997

Hunkpapa SiouxCrow King, Sioux hunkpapa warchief  (Michno, p.178):

  Riderless mounts scattered across the hills and ran to the river but the soldiers kept in order and fought like brave warriors.


  • Moving Robe, Sioux hunkpapa woman who eventually fought at the battle (Michno, p.179) :

  It was a hotly contested battle.


  • Eagle Elk, Sioux oglala warrior (Michno, p.186):


The shootings [by the soldiers] Eagle Elk had witnessed within the last minutes had been enough to convince him of the good sense in staying away from the front lines.  


  • Red Horse, Sioux Minneconjou warchief (Michno, p.204):


SiouxEven tough virtually surrounded, the soldiers put up a stiff resistance, for it was in this charge [chief Lame White Man’s charge] that the Lakotas lost more of their men. Red Horse thought that 136 Indians were killed and 160 were wounded in that phase of the battle.



  •   Hollow Horn Bear, Sioux Brule warrior (Michno, p.177):


In fact, Hollow Horn Bear believed that the troops were in good order at the start of the fight, and kept their organization even while moving from point to point.


  •  Sitting Bull, famous Sioux hunkpapa chief (Jones, Custer’s Horses, p.104): Hunkpapa Sioux


There was so much doubt about the outcome [of the battle] that I told the squaws to break the camp and be ready to leave.



  • Red Hawk, Sioux oglala warrior, speaking about the Last Stand (Michno, p.252):


Here the soldiers made a desperate fight.


  • Iron Hawk, Sioux hunkpapa warrior, speaking about the Last Stand (Michno, p.254):


The Indians pressed and crowded right in around Custer Hill. But the soldiers weren’t ready to die. We stood there a long time.

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