Testimonies about Indian casualties

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Interpreter George Herendeen said that the Indian casualties was at least as great as Custer's casulaties.
Indian agent James McLaughlin said that the high Indian casualties were certain.
Yellow Horse said that 83 warriors died on the battlefield, but he was probably talking about his own band.
Red Horse talked about 136 dead and 160 wounded in a single assault.
White Bull related a "very hard fight".
Moving Robe remembered a "hotly contested battle".
White Bull remembered that there were already a lot of warriors killed with Reno's skirmish line.
Two Moon complained that the battle was too long and there was an ongoing bloodbath on the Indian side.
Turtle Rib stated that "many Indians had been killed" and that the warriors were too busy taking care of their own wounded and killed to mutilate the soldiers.
Gall never explained to McLaughlin why the Indians didn't attack Reno after June 25, 1876, and the explanation would be that they suffered too many casualties.
Many White witnesses remembered seeing funeral lodges full of bodies in the village (Kanipe said that 75 dead warriors were counted).
Little Buck Elk : "We tried to hide our losses, but it's useless to lie, we had more than 100 warriors killed in the battle."
Crow scout Curley, who watched the battle from a nearby hill, stated that the Indians were driven back several times, a testimony confirmed by Two Moon's, White Bull's and Low Dog's testimonies about their own withdrawal.
Crazy Horse stated that many warriors died from their wounds.
Indian testimonies are full of stories about friendly fire, hard fighting and Indian casualties.

The National Park Service found in 2006 that 200 warriors had been killed on the battlefield alone, which confirmed the heavy battle, just like every Indian witness had stated. (see the
2006 researchs)


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