"Sitting Bull" (1954)

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Director: Sidney Salkow

Release Date: 6 October 1954 (USA)
  Dale Robertson ... Major Robert 'Bob' Parrish
  Mary Murphy ... Kathy Howell
  J. Carrol Naish ... Sitting Bull (as J. Carroll Naish)
  John Litel ... Gen. Wilford Howell
  Joel Fluellen ... Sam
  Iron Eyes Cody ... Crazy Horse
  John Hamilton ... President Ulysses S. Grant
  Douglas Kennedy ... Col. Custer
  William Tannen ... O'Connor
  William Hopper ... Charles Wentworth (as Bill Hopper)

The story centers on a major in the cavalry who believes the Indians have the same rights as other Americans. Despite his efforts to stop Custer from embarking on his ill-fated mission, the general carries on. Later the major is court-marshaled for being a traitor and ends up sentenced to die. Fortunately, Sitting Bull sends a petition to the President and pleads for the good major's pardon. The President knows the major personally from the Civil War and the pardon is granted. 

Accuracy : very poor

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