Custer was killed on his last hill

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The CUSTER MYTH Source Book Of Custeriana 1953ed ILLUST

One of the most dominating myth of Little Bighorn is that George A. Custer was killed near the river, in a ravine etc.

It's totally impossible. Custer was killed on the location he was found, in other words, in the middle of his last stand, with 32 horses and 42 men around him, his brother being behind him. Here are the evidence:

1) If Custer had been killed in an other location, Captain Keogh, second-in-rank, should have taken command of the whole column. It wasn't the case. Keogh died with his company, and Custer died with his headquarter staff around him. Near Custer's body was the regiment's adjutant and chief trumpeter, the regimental sergeant major may not have been too far away. One officer of Gibbon's command thought he recognized the surgeon nearby. The body of Custer's personal flag bearer may have been down hill from Custer's body. No member of the regiment's headquarters establishment seemed to have been found near Keogh.

2) Custer's ammunition was found around his body by Sergeant Ryan and other soldiers.

Custer died on Custer Hill.


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