Captain French on Reno

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Captain Thomas French was one of the few officers who weren't heard at the Reno Court of Inquiry, convened January 13, 1879. Reasons : he was highly critical of Major Reno's conduct during the whole battle. He considered Reno to be a coward and an incompetent officer.
French was known to be brave and many soldiers, such as Slaper or Morris, watched him organizing Reno's defense alone, while Reno was already deserting his batallion. French was commanding the best unit of the whole column and was the only one who left the timber with organization.

Here is what Captain French said about Reno:

"I should have shot him (Major Reno) that day."

source: "Marcus A. Reno: What was said of him at the Little Big Horn", Arrow and Trooper

Capitaine Thomas French, compagnie M

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