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The Reno Court of Inquiry was the only official inquiry ever done about the Battle of the Little Bighorn. But it was a careful cover-up.

W. Kent King in his book Massacre expresses a theory that the "official transcript" reflects but only half the testimony and I think he makes an excellent case of this. He infers that the handwritten transcript is 1300 pages containing 200 words per page which take about three minutes to read at a slow speaking pace. What was written reflects about 65 hours of testimony (1300 x 3 / 60). There were 26 days of testimony starting at 8 am and ending at 3.30 pm, for a gross of seven and a half hours per day. Deduct two hours for lunch and breaks and a half hour for paper shuffling leaves five hours per day times 26 days makes 130 hours of probable testimony versus 65 hours of transcript." 

(post on the Custer board by Arthur Unger, "The ABCs of Custer's Last Stand")

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