Do you believe in ghost stories?

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Ghost hunters place Custer battlefield as the fifth most haunted battlefields in America
Ghosts of Montana, Haunted America 


WHAT IS IS SAID: the ghost of Lieutenant Benjamin Hodgson was seen by a park personel. Psychics who studied items of the battle related to specialists things that they could have never known about the soldiers who carried the weapons. Custer's ghost himself appeared near the Visitor Center...

according to paranormal researchers, electronic voice phenomena (EVP) are speech or speech-like sounds, which are inaudible during recording but detected on electronic recording media upon playback. They are typically brief, usually the length of a word or short phrase and are sometimes claimed to be in direct response to the questions of researchers.


This EVP (recorded on the Little Bighorn battlefield) is short but interesting.
To sounds like the voice of a man saying... "Take the Horse" Pronouncing it like... "Take the Hoss"
"Take the Horse!"
21 KB

This next EVP is simply a male spirit saying a name, "Jason".
25 KB 

The following EVP is of a male voice which sounds like is saying..."Just like you to show me."
"Just like you to show me."
54 KB

This next EVP is clearly the voice of a female spirit. Sounds to us like she is asking... Do you love him?
"Do you love him?"
21 KB

The following EVP has us all excited! Of course... as with most EVP's... what is heard is speculative.
However....I think I may have recorded the ghostly chant of a group of Native Americans!
If you listen carefully to the very last part of this recording, you can hear different voices overlapping.
You have to decide for yourself. :)
"Indian Chant!"
56 KB

This next file is what I believe to be a young Indian woman singing a little bit of some cheery, uplifting song. I love to listen to this EVP, first of all because of the happy mood of the person singing, and secondly....because I find her voice soothing and peaceful. 
Indian Girl Singing "Laww-le-me-coom" 
33 KB

"(Same file as above only slowed)."
44 KB

The next file is "also" of what I believe to be "another" female spirit. I'm making that statement because these EVP's were very, very clear for the most part....and I believe this womans voice is more mature. Her song also doesn't sound as happy as the Indian girl above. Its seems a touch more serious.
"Another Indian lady singing."
48 KB

The next file is also a "singing" EVP....but this one sounds like English. Listen to this lady spirit singing what sounds like... "Made me go too."
"Lady singing "Made me go too."
49 KB
"(Same file as above only slowed)."
78 KB

The next odd EVP taken at the battlefield was of this spirit woman saying what sounds like..."I'm thinkin bout these apples."
"Lady Spirit saying...."I'm thinkin bout these apples."
54 KB

I have had several people listen to this next file to see what they hear. There were several different interpretations....but most people hear "Cathelia".
23 KB 

We find this next evp remarkable! It is a good quality recording of a Spirit lady with an Irish accent saying... "Hopin it rains this evenin"
"Hopin it rains this evenin."
44 KB
"(Same file as above only slower)."
23 KB

The following EVP sounds like a lady calling out the name... "Paula"
33 KB

This next EVP is a little startling because it is so clear. It is most definatly the voice of a small child....
and he seems to be saying... "Come out the door!"
"Come out the door!"
47 KB

The following file "may" be the same child spirit that you heard above, but we really can't be sure. In any regard....this child is clearly exclaiming... "I'm Scared!"
"I'm Scared!"
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