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Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer next to Cheyenne tipi.
VIDEO beside  : The causes of Washita and the battle in 10 minutes (MUST-SEE)

 The basics

 The causes: massacres of white civilians by Black Kettle's warriors

  A convenient myth: Black Kettle, the "peaceful chief" (by Historian Gregory Michno)
Chief Black Kettle's 1864 attacks (by Jeff Broome, Ph.D)
The Black Kettle propaganda : how a notorious terrorist has become an honorable chief against all evidence
Chief Little Rock, of Black Kettle's band, admits the killings and the responsability of his band (interview by Indian agent, August 19, 1868)

 Half-breed eyewitness E. Guerrier: one of Black Kettle's headmen was leading warriors in the massacres of White civilians

 Detailed accounts of the massacres commited by Black Kettle's warriors and headmen (by Jeff Broome, Ph.D)

- The Battle -

 Clara Blinn: Washita martyr - the story of a young mother and her child, who eventually became Black Kettle's hostage 

 Black Kettle's hostages: the evidence that Clara and Willie Blinn were held in Black Kettle's village (by Historian Gregory Michno)

 The white boys of the Washita : Black Kettle's little hostages 

Known Indian fatalities : the number of names we have 

 Washita casualties : the real casualties were more than 120 warriors 
 11 names of warchiefs killed at Washita 
The Elliott Affair

 Press coverage of the Washita campaign

 Scalped at Washita: testimony of Private Sanbertson
Noble military conduct at Washita : an Indian account of how Custer's men took risks to spare civilians

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