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American Indians, take back your history before it's too late!
List of warriors who fought that day
The Indian gospel for Dummies: the disinformation propaganda on Indians

- accounts -

Studying Indian accounts: why strange contradictions exist 
Thunder Bear (Sioux)
Eagle Elk (Sioux)
Red Horse (Sioux warchief)

Cheyenne warrior Wooden Leg's account of the Reno battle

 60 Indian accounts of the Battle
8 Indian accounts of the Last Stand
12 Indian accounts of the Last Stand
Brave Wolf (Cheyenne)
Left Hand (Arapaho) 
Lieutenant Calhoun's last stand according to Sioux warchief White Bull (Sioux) 
Hump (Sioux)

The story of Custer's death? Beard's account (Sioux)
Turtle Rib (Sioux) on the Last Stand and Indian casualties
Cheyenne warrior Wooden Leg's account of the Last Stand
Sioux Chief Horned Horse's account of the Last Stand and Indian casualties 
Cheyenne Chief Two Moon's account 

Sioux warchief Low Dog's account 
- aftermath of the battle -

George Herendeen's account on Indian casualties 
Sioux warrior Respects Nothing: "Why Reno didn't help Custer?" 
Indian casualties: up to 250 dead warriors? The story of the cairns on Little Bighorn battlefield
Testimonies about Indian casualties
One of Terry's officer on Indian casualties 
Little Bighorn battlefield study (summer 2006): 200 Indians were killed on the battlefield 
The taboo: men tortured in the Indian village on the night of the battle 

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