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Custer's foes at Little Bighorn numbered 1'500 warriors. They were 2 to 1 stronger, which was an usual ratio in the Indian wars. Amazingly, Custer's plan to surprise the Indians worked, but 2/3 of his forces let him alone when the battle began. This military betrayal, altough well known to Custer buffs, has never been officially recognized. There is no explanation to why the army never did any official inquiry on Little Bighorn (the Reno Court of Inquiry, convened three years after the battle, was centered on Major Reno).
How can Americans believe in the "mystery of the Little Bighorn", which is one of the most famous hoax in US history, debunked by the US general-in-chief himself in 1898? 

The specialists speak out

Michael Donahue, Little Bighorn battlefield historian: "Custer was on the verge of a remarkable victory."
Professors in the Center for Technology and National Security Policy: "
Much depended on Reno diverting the Indians from Custer and on Benteen arriving promptly."

 Military Instructor: "Custer's tactics very possibly would have been used by any other officer" + Marine Robert Nightengale's analysis

Army officer and former professor at the General Staff College: "All the veterans who studied Little Bighorn with me took the same decisions that Custer did"
US General-in-chief Nelson A. Miles (Medal of Honor, the best Indian fighter in US history): Custer's orders were judicious
General Thomas Rosser: Custer's plan was a good one
2007 posthumous court-martial and exclusive opinion by a officer and current judge of criminal court 
Was Custer assassinated? Disturbing facts of the Custer story
Before the battle

The Indian scout actually asked Custer to attack 
Custer actually DID scout the Tullocks Creek valley
 The real size of the Indian village (and how it was afterwards manipulated)
Major Reno's offensive and rout
Private William Taylor: "Reno showed his incompetence and Benteen his indifference"
Lieutenant Godfrey: "Reno failed to hold a leg."
Testimony on the battle in the timber

 Reno in the timber: a strong position
Captain French on Major Reno: "I should have shot him"
Lieutenant Godfrey: Reno utter failure
A summary of Major Reno's actions during the battle of the Little Bighorn
Captain Benteen's scout and betrayal

 What Custer's last messenger really said to Benteen
 A record of Benteen's slowness and disobedience to orders + VIDEO
Captain Weir: "We must go to the sound of the guns!+ VIDEO
 "Be quick. Bring packs" Custer's last orders analyzed by Historian Kuhlman
Watching a battle from Reno Hill
Private Thompson on Major Reno
Waiting on Reno Hill, the story (with testimonies)
Lieutenant Godfrey: "We heard firing in the valley and officers said that the command ought to do something" 
"We heard the firing coming from Custer's command": 9 testimonies of men on Reno Hill + VIDEO
Lieutenant Godfrey: "We had only a few wounded and had to support Custer" 
Reno's behavior on Reno Hill
No threat around Reno Hill : analysis and testimonies by Sitting Bull and officers of the Seventh
We must join Custer!" - the story of Captain Weir on Reno Hill  + VIDEO
No support will ever come
Captain Thomas Weir tried to stop the betrayal: "Expecting immediate orders to advance, sir!" 
Watching a battle from Weir Point
 Watching a battle on Weir Point, the story
Indian scout White Man Runs Him on Weir Point : "Custer was still fighting"
the guidon : Benteen, Reno, where are you?
Sioux warrior Respects Nothing: "Why Reno didn't help Custer?" 
Testimony of Private Mulford, visiting the battlefield in 1877
Historian Michno: the battle wasn't short, but it was in the best interest of some officers to tell us it was + VIDEO
The cover-up

Benteen celebrated Little Bighorn: schocking quotes by the captain 
LBH specialist and US Marine Robert Nightengale: the story of a cover-up + VIDEO
Lieutenant Gibson's personal letter : how a letter that unmasked the betrayal was changed

VIDEO: The Reno Court of Inquiry unmasked

 Major Reno's lies at the Reno Court of Inquiry 
False exhibit (I) at the Reno Court of Inquiry : the petition of the enlisted soldiers and the analysis by the FBI
 False exhibit (II) at the Reno Court of Inquiry: the maps of the battle (with pictures of the maps)

The Reno Court of Inquiry: incomplete 
Reno Court of Inquiry chairman to US general-in-chief: the court was biased, Custer was betrayed + VIDEO
US general-in-chief Nelson A. Miles in 1898: Custer took the right decisions, was betrayed.  + VIDEO

US General-in-chief Nelson A. Miles (Medal of Honor, the best Indian fighter in US history): Custer's orders were judicious, his subordinates didn't do their duty - Custer not responsible for the disaster

 Reno Court of Inquiry chairman: it was a whitewashing 
Little Bighorn veteran Fred Gerard: during the Inquiry, the army and Major Reno's defense were corrupting or threatening witnesses
Perjuries in Court: Captain Carter, friend of the officers of ther 7th cavalry, explains that the witnesses of the court lied to protect the honor of the regiment 
Historian Bruce Liddic: perjuries by Major Reno and Captain Benteen
A newspaper from North Carolina, 1879: "Custer was left to his fate because of Benteen and Reno"
Letter by Reno Court of Inquiry chairman to Miss Custer: Custer never disobeyed orders, Major Reno failed his mission 
The Reno whitewash : Custer's personal secretary Roberts attacked Reno in an essay 
Libbie's stand: letter by Custer's widow to condemn Major Reno 
Captain Carter, 4th cavalry and Little Bighorn specialist: "Benteen's and Reno's behavior will be recorded as a crime"
 How the army and Major Reno's defense changed the size of the Indian village on the official map given to the Court of Inquiry
Historian Wettengel on the cover-up 
Lieut. Oscar Long's report (1878) uncovered the betrayal
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DOCUMENTARY on the betrayal (History Channel, 1997)

The New Explorers - Betrayal at Little Big Horn (A&E DVD Archives)

BOOKS on the betrayal

Robert Nightengale's "Little Big Horn"
To Hell With Honor: Custer and the Little Big HornLakota Noon: The Indian Narrative of Custer's DefeatThe Custer Myth

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