RCOI chairman : it was a whitewash

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The officers reponsible for the Inquiry on the Little Bighorn knew it was a fake court

source: Athur Unger, The ABCs of Custer's Last Stand, Upton And Sons, 2004, page 218

The Reno Court of Inquiry was the only official inquiry on Little Bighorn, convened three years after the battle (!) because of public pressure. However, the court was an hoax, as acknowledged the main recorder of witnesses, Lieutenant Jesse Lee, to Walter Camp (interview, October 27, 1912) :
“Gen [Wesley Merritt], who drew up the conclusions of the Reno Court of Inquiry, said to him [Jesse Lee], when the decision of the Court was announced: “We have politely cursed him (Reno) and whitewashed it over.”
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