American Indians: take back your history before it's too late

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The creation of the video below has been delayed several times since this summer. The reason was American Indian extremism.

Everytime this video was in process, read or received messages full of Indian bigotry, anti-White racism and hatred toward America, all coming from alleged American Indians. Some messages were so poor, so childish, so violent that it seemed that many American Indians were seriously insane (see also Custer Disinformation Watch for more stupidity). 
Fortunately, some other voices emerged. Some American Indians didn’t want to talk about race, or about guilt, but simply about common history, what we could learn of each side of the story with strong, historical evidence. Being interested in Custer was for them as evident as being interested in the history of their own people. With this kind of people, we can move on. That’s why this video exists. 
The video isn’t a whitewash of what happened at Little Bighorn. We don’t forget the torture and mutilations that happened there. But the Seventh Cavalry tribute wasn’t a whitewash of Wounded Knee either. The video is simply a tribute to fighters and to common history.
The message is simple: American Indians, stop the disaster, now! The atrocious revisionism you’re promoting – or accepting – is destroying your past and will eventually turn against you. American Indians – mainly the Sioux – are becoming the most boring and divinized historical characters ever depicted in movies and books . They have no credibility. In short term, one can imagine that only children and hippies will be interested in American Indians anymore.
You cannot promote so childish characters without consequences. In the last major TV shows that depicted your revisionism, Indians looked dumb, at best. Sitting Bull has become an attraction - he was much more respected by people when he was touring with the Wild West Show in the 1880s! Now, people think that he’s a boring preacher with an empty address about stars, galaxies, sacred circle and the irritating White man.
You can change the situation, and Custer buffs are by far the best allies you can dream of. Think about it: you need Custer. Yes, you do. The Custer legend lives on without the American Indians. Most of the books on the Little Bighorn are following the Seventh Cavalry, while Indians are in backstage, waiting to be used as witnesses. But the reverse isn’t true. James Welch, who wanted to give his “Indian version” of the Little Bighorn, and was complaining page after page about Custer’s legend, admitted his complete failure by calling his book “Killing Custer”. Herman Viola, who interviewed today Indians, added under his title “Little Bighorn remembered” a subtitle which basically summarized the dependence: “The untold story of Custer’s defeat”. And so on.
That’s why you, American Indians, hate Custer so much. It’s not because of what he did, because historical evidence speak in his favor. You hate him because you are dependent on him when you talk about your history. The most used historical reference in Indian history is “Custer’s Last Stand” (check out the cover of the DVD “Bury my heart at Wounded Knee”). There is no name as famous as Custer, Whites and Indians alike. Even Crazy Horse cannot challenge this fact. Talk about Crazy Horse, and most of the people will think that it’s a cabaret in Paris, full of naked women.
How can you change this situation, then? Stop bashing Custer. Stop your useless revisionism, which is already damaging your credibility. Make an alliance with Custer buffs, based on historical evidence. Yes, you’ll be forced to acknowledge that many Indians were awful bastards too. But your history will be back in full light. With a credible, historical Custer who attracts so much attention, your history, your real history, will be taught again.
Remember the lesson of the TV show “Crazy Horse” (1997). Respecting Custer and the Whites only gives more credibility to the Lakota chief and his fight. In contrast, complaining about progress makes you look like fanatical Arabs, targeting the Twin Towers because they are unable to build them.
Join the Custer movement. Throw away the extreme leftist hysteria which will never give you anything but scorn (and makes you look like retarded communists). Let’s share a common history, a common legacy of human beings, good or bad, it depends on the evidence that support the facts. Let’s have a real debate. Custer buffs, such as the unanimous members of, have absolutely no contempt against American Indians. On the opposite, most of them have studied the tribes passionately and are ready to help anyone who promotes factual history about Indians. They are actually sad that everything turns about a theme that is useless in historical study – race.
It’s up to you. Take back your history. Honor your ancestors by telling people what really happened, and not what they want you to say. Don’t let important historical facts being shown as folklore.
If you don’t understand what is at stake, you’ll loose your history sooner that you think. In fact, we can simply watch “Into the West” (2005) to understand that you are already losing it.  


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