Custer, International star

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Benteen's worse nightmare!

General Custer, by Andy Warhol, 1986

franceE-3.gif  FRANCE: Custer tribute by sergekob 


brazilCq14.gifBRAZIL: Song from the band "General Custer" : "we´re Custer's fans! We really like his biography and all his deeds."



belgium3f.gif  BELGIUM : Country band "Little Big Horn"



czechCx2.gif CZECH REPUBLIC: Maxim Turbulenc, "Little Big Horn"


"Battle of the Little Bighorn" by Michal Tučný 


spainC1.gif SPAIN: new recruits for the Seventh cavalry!

usaCa-copie-1.gif UNITED STATE OF AMERICA: Seventh Cavalry Band, Custer State Park

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