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Lieutenant-Colonel George A. Custer, commandant du 7e de cavalerie

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Tracking down lies and hateful attacks on Custer's legacy

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South Dakota Governor Michael Rounds ready to kneel in front of radicals

UNITED NATIVES PETITION : politically correct blackmail

Custer has a place in history books, he should not have a state tax paid park in the heart of Lakota home land. Bringing about Chief Crazy Horse State Park next to his monument would create a more serene atmosphere for the area and all visitors.

{ historical background: this land was Kiowa until 1755, when it became a Lakota land, and then, in 1880, an American one. Claiming that the Land is Sioux is like claiming that Spain is still the property of the Ottoman Empire. }

The true history between Custer and Chief Crazy Horse is well known.
The state of South Dakota should show people its support of the man Crazy Horse, not his enemy Custer. The Indian community of South Dakota and America sees no reason to honor Custer with a state park paid for with taxpayers money.

GOVERNOR ROUNDS (R) : attempt of politically correct surrender

"In a letter to United Native America, a national Indian group in support of the park's name change, South Dakota Governor Michael Rounds, a Republican {?}, stated if a bill calling for the park's name change was presented to him, he would give it full consideration. "

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Should Mount Rushmore be destroyed too in an attempt to appease radicals, Governor?

Who said that there was an agenda behind these countless petitions attacking US Frontier figures?

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