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Lieutenant-Colonel George A. Custer, commandant du 7e de cavalerie

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Article on Little Bighorn for kids full of hatred against the USA and Custer
source: Scholastic article on American history

As almost every country on this planet, the USA have an atrocious education system, full of teachers eager to teach lies and hatred against their own country rather than history. As one French author wrote, it's litterally the "fabrication of dummies".


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"Once the youngest general in th Union Army, Custer was famous for his fearlessness in the Civil War. But his courage had a dark side. Custer was a vain, arrogant (boastful) man. In battle, he gambled recklessly with his men's lives. And he was capable of great cruelty. "
"In 1868, Custer had attacked a peaceful Cheyenne village and slaughtered most of its inhabitants. He later claimed to have killed 103 warriors, but most of the dead were women, children, and old men."

"Custer refused to listen to his scouts' warnings about the size of the Indian encampment, or wait for support from General Terry's troops. He also didn't know that General Crook had already been beaten back by braves led by the
Oglala Sioux
. In fact, Custer relied on nothing but his own sense of destiny."

"The group of Indians chasing Reno then shifted course and attacked Custer's unit of 210 soldiers. Custer panicked and divided his troops into two groups, one led by Colonel George W. Yates."
"The braves pounded the trapped bluecoats with bullets and arrows. The terrified soldiers fired wildly, sometimes hitting each other."

"It is because of Custer's failure that we remember him at all." 

The US school system?

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