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jointheline2.JPG : the website of the biggest Custer association in the world, which includes dozens of specialists, publishes a magazine and holds conferences and meetings through the USA. 
custerclan.JPG : the message board and website of reenactors of the 7th cavalry

garryowen.JPG : General Custer's website 

topots.JPG : for militaria buffs - live your passion!
littlebighornbatt.JPG : the official website of the Little Bighorn battlefield National Monument
custerbattmuseum.JPG : the legendary Custer Battlefield Museum, at Little Bighorn 
custerreenact1.JPG : a website by a Custer reenactor
georgecusterreenact.JPG : a website by a Custer reenactor

Jim Hatzell
: the MySpace page of actor and reenactor Jim Hatzell with awesome pictures of the famous Civil War and Custer movies he played in

custer6n.jpg (12230 bytes) : a group of active Custer specialists and enthusiasts with a lot of pictures and links : where the glorious cavalry lives! : publisher or reference material on Custer's Last Stand and the American West 
[Kinofilm] : Die [un]schöne Welt der Illusionen (analysis of "They Died with their Boots on" in German)

7thcavalryservers : defend the honor of the eternal Seventh inside the 2nd Battalion in the Video Game "Call of Duty 4" - GARRY OWEN!

The Patton Society : the historical society which honors General George S. Patton, Jr., Master of Cavalry and one of the greatest Generals of all times. : three wars, two continents, one Irish soldier. Myles Keogh, soldier of the Pope and hero of the Little Bighorn : where General George Armstrong Custer's memory lives!

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