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Lieutenant-Colonel George A. Custer, commandant du 7e de cavalerie

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A Cherokee professor in Kansas State University quietly rewrites history
200 White men, women and children were murdered by Black Kettle's Cheyennes before the Sand Creek massacre and two young children were abducted. 
300 White men, women and children were murdered by Black Kettle's Cheyennes before the Battle of the Washita, and six hostages were abducted (three being murdered by the tribe).
All these crimes have been extensively related by Black Kettle himself or the members of his tribe. Factual evidence have been found in each of his villages and even the bodies of Whites hostages have been discovered.
But professor Leslie D. Hannah (watch the video), who happens to be Cherokee (coincidence!), is just interested in distorting history and teaching a completely false tale of the American West which is basically another "Hate America First" propaganda.

We particularly love the "raiding by Cheyennes". Raiding, a word which sounds like having a picnic or riding a horse, was in fact a mix of gang rapes, abductions, pedofilia, massacres and slaves traffic. Ironically, all these mass murders happened in Kansas, not far from Hannah's sovietic classroom.
The other really funny stuff is accusing Custer of having killed 92 civilians of 103 Indian casualties. These 11 fatalities were only WARCHIEFS (+ Black Kettle and Little Rock, chiefs of tribe), with 100 warriors and less than 20 civilians killed in battle.
 Dr. Hannah's revisionism 

The real facts (see The Battle of the Washita)

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