General Rosser's opinion

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Confederate Major General Thomas Rosser (cavalry) on the 1876 campaign
source: Robert Nightengale, Little Big Horn, FarWest Publishing pages 147-148

«For what I can gather from General Terry’s instructions to General Custer, it is quite evident that it was expected, if not expressed, that Custer should attack the savages wherever found, and as to the manner of attack, of course that was left to the discretion judgment of General Custer ; and viewing the circumstances of this fatal attack from my standpoint, I fail to see anything very rash in the planning of it, or reckless in its attempted execution.
On the contrary, I feel that Custer would have succeeded had Reno with all the reserve of seven companies passed through and joined Custer after the first repulse. (…)
Infantry on expeditions against Indians can only be used as guards for supply-trains, and in the pursuit of Indians upon a mission such as Custer’s, they are as useless as foxhounds in pursuit of wild geese."

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