Taking a stand in the War on Terror

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Victories of the Seventh Cavalry in the War on Terror

"The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing." 
Albert Einstein

Soldiers from Company A, 2nd Battalion, 7th Cavalry Regiment, are on the frontlines everyday in Mosul, Iraq, and have a mixture of emotions on the varied experiences in the second largest city in the country.

"We are the first ones out after something happens," said Riverside, Calif., native, Pfc. Bryan Quintana, infantryman, 1st Platoon. "We cover the whole west side of town."

The company has a wide variety of missions they perform. From escort missions to acting as a quick-reaction force, the Soldiers are always ready to perform. 

"Our whole company gets ready to roll whenever something happens outside the wire," said Glendale, Ariz., native, Sgt. Jesse Aguilera, team leader, 1st Platoon. "We do everything from securing and searching targets to delivering camera equipment to local media outlets."

Despite the challenges and risks, Company A gets reminded why they are here every day and say they still feel safe out there because of the assets available to them.

"The thing that makes me feel safe is when I hear the air support over head," said Aguilera. "I know when we get pinned down, I can look up and hear those rockets and know the insurgents are going to pay for their damages." 

Despite the recent news of the unit extensions, the Company A Soldiers maintained focused and positive as they continue their mission.

"We expected it to happen," said Columbus, Ohio, native, Pfc. William Stockton, infantryman. "Instead of looking at the negative, you have to look at the positive - it gives us more time to prepare the Iraqis and allows us to be more effective."

The Soldiers from Company A, 2-7 Cav., have a great pride in the job they are doing here and in their division heritage.

On this very hour, other troops from Custer's 7th cavalry are fighting hard to secure Adhamiyah, Iraq.

Awesome success of US troops in Iraq. Up to 250'000 terrorists eliminated!

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