Perjuries in court

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Captain Carter was the friend of many Little Bighorn veterans and was appalled by their perjuries during the Inquiry on the battle


source: Colonel William Graham, The Custer Myth, 1953, Stackpole Books, pages 309-316

Captain Robert Carter, 9th Cavalry, discussed of the battle with many Little Bighorn veterans over the years. When the Reno Court of Inquiry, which was created three years after the disaster because of public pressure, was closed in 1879, Captain Carter was appalled by the perjuries of the witnesses.

He expressed his disgust for their perjuries and the cover-up of the Reno's and Benteen's betrayal in this letter to famous LBH specialist William Graham:
"I do most emphatically discredit the statements (of the officers of the Seventh cavalry during the Reno Court of Inquiry) and in view of what myelf have heard and read from equally credible witnesses, I am sure they did not tell the whole truth; 

and I also believe that it was predetermined among (the surviving officers of the Seventh cavalry) about Reno's conduct in the Post Trader's store at Fort Abraham Lincoln, when it had become known that the regiment being assailed by the press and people of all sides.

(...) the enigma (of Reno's and Benteen's) cowardice was likely to be attached to their regimental colors, and guidons, and handed down to future generations as par of the history of the United States Army. (...)

I never has appeared that those (surviving) officers who testified at the (Reno) Court (of Inquiry) were ever cross-examined by anybody as to anything they were trying to hold back. The testimony clearly shows that they were doing this very thing (a cover-up) (...) 

... not one of (these officers) volunteered to tell the whole truth (...) as long as no one asked them to do so. (...)

... to bring it out by a drastic course of cross questioning as (...) as been the policy of any Court of Inquiry or General Court Martial. Even (Little Bighorn veteran Edward) Godfrey expected to be recalled to give additional testimony, but found that the Court had closed and adjourned. 

Of course (in the conclusions of the Reno Court of Inquiry), no Court Martial was found necessary (against Reno and Benteen) or for the best of the service, therefore the whole truth has long been buried in oblivion.

Why does (Little Bighorn veteran Luther) Hare pay no attention to (Custer scholar William Graham's) letter? 

Why is (Little Bighorn veteran Winfield) Edgerly so mealy-mouthed, even to me, his own classmate?

I simply discredit, I repeat, the testimony of these officers - after knowing their daily conversation in the Post Trader's store at Fort Lincoln, the ostracizing of Reno for nearly three years (...) and the going (of these officers) as a body before that (Reno Court of Inquiry) and testifying exactly to the reverse of what their talk had been."

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