Press from North Carolina on LBH

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The press was condemning the betrayal during Custer's Last Stand
: Greasy Grass Magazine, Volume XVIII, May 2002
, edited by member Jeff Veach

From the North Carolina Weekly Star, 1879, after the Inquiry on the Little Bighorn

"We have not accused (Major Reno) in advance of an investigation of behaving badly at the battle of the Little Bighorn. It is now clear enough, from the trial, that he did not do his duty on that disastrous occasion when the gallant Custer and his little band rode into the very jaws of death. 

(Major) Reno was second in command, but he did not second his superior as was expected, but left him to his fate. The testimony elicited by the court of inquiry is not only seriously damaging to Reno, but it places Captain Benteen in a rather ugly light also."

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