The other Custer

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A funny story by Custer's relative Brice C. Custer
 source: Major Brice Custer Jr, The Sacrificial Lion, Upton and Sons,1999, page 270

The Custer family has cherished its military legacy. Many Custer's relatives ended in the military during World War II and all served with remarkable courage and leadership. Here is a funny episode of the war of "the other Custers":

"In 1946, "Dad [Brice Calhoun Custer Sr, who fought in France until 1945] was eventually assigned stateside duty but a year later was sent to Japan with orders to join the 7th cavalry Regiment of the 1st Cavalry Division stationed near Tokyo.

At this time, he was Lieutenant Colonel and when he reported in to Division Headquarters late in the evening, the sergeant on duty contacted the headquarters of the 7th Cavalry and informed them that he had Lieutenant Colonel Custer there and asked them to send some transportation for Dad.

Rising to the occasion, the voice at the other end informed the sergeant that he was too busy with General Sheridan and hung up."

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