Noble military conduct at Washita

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Indian account: how Custer's men took great risks to spare civilians during the 1868 battle
source: Stan Hoig, The Battle of the Washita, University of Oklahoma Press, 1970, page 159

Account of the battle of the Washita taken by George Bent, Black Kettle's close friend:
"A Cheyenne woman called White Buffalo-Woman, now living with her sister, had been running so long the girl gave out there. One soldier (Sergeant-Major Kennedy) rode up to them and made motion to them to walk back towards the camp.
The soldier got off his horse and walked behind them. Just in front of them a lot of warriors running from Black Kettle's village, rode up out of the creek timber. The soldier fired at the Indians as they were charging him. This soldier, White Buffalo-Woman says, shot at the warriors two times and then got cartridges fast in his carbine. Bob-Tailed-Bear rode up to the soldier and tomahawked him."

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