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Inspired by a love of history and its amazing accounts of human endeavor, model making and dramatic representations of the people, places and things that have shaped our culture.
Libbie Custer was a lone widow in Victorian times. But she stood up for the honor of her husband and fought the traitors of Little Bighorn

source : Libbie Custer to Mr. J.A.. Shoemaker, Daytona, Florida; March 19, 1925

Dear Mr. Shoemaker:

General Godfrey has sent me a copy of his letter to you and I join with him in appealing to you not to permit any memorial of any kind to be placed on that sacred battlefield to so great a coward as Col Reno!

Please use your influence in preventing any tribute to(so) unworthy a man. He had used influence to be placed on duty in the East when our Regiment of battle Scarred heroes were campaigning from almost the Mexican to the Canadian border. The battle of the Little Big Horn was his first battle and he seemed not to try to hide his cowardice. I beg you to try and avert any move in Congress that would glorify so faithless a soldier.

In writing this I feel almost my husbands hand taking the pen away from me. He was so opposed to my taking up regimental or official affairs but in this instance I cannot refrain from making an appeal. Please take steps to prevent this bill passing. I beg that you well consider what I have written as confidential. Of course you are at liberty to say that I am opposed and have unquestionable reasons for opposition- but this letter is for your consideration- Regretting to trouble you at this time

I am

Sincerely yours

Elizabeth B. Custer

P.S. I long for a memorial to our heroes on the battle field of the Little
Big Horn but not to single out for honor the one coward of the regiment.

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