Sergeant Kanipe on the betrayal

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Inspired by a love of history and its amazing accounts of human endeavor, model making and dramatic representations of the people, places and things that have shaped our culture.One of Custer's last messengers explained the betrayal to his son
William F. Boyes, Custer's Battle Plan for 25 June 1876, in the Little Big Horn Associates Research Review, volume 22, no1, Winter 2008, page 16

Sergeant Daniel Kanipe, Company C, brought Custer's first orders ("come quickly") to Benteen and McDougall during the battle of the Little Bighorn.
Here is what he said to his son J. E Kanipe:

"(Daniel Kanipe) declared reapeatedly to me that he had ample opportunity to obtain a clear and full understanding of what (plan) General Custer contemplated. (...) (Sergeant Kanipe told his son that,) a man would know then that he (Custer) had intended to strike the Indian village at three places at the same time to stampede the warriors."

Sergeant Kanipe also wrote to his son "a long statement concerning that (1876) campaign", and in that document he wrote this:
"Custer and his five troops would not have met their fate had Reno and Benteen carried out their orders."

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