Special: "They Died with their Boots On"

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Release: 1 January 1942 (USA) Tagline: the heroic saga of Custer's Last Stand!
Errol Flynn (Major General George Armstrong Custer), Olivia de Havilland (Elizabeth 'Libbie' Bacon Custer), Arthur Kennedy (Edward 'Ned' Sharp), Charley Grapewin (California Joe), Gene Lockhart (Samuel Bacon, Libbie's father).
History: despiste the overall romanticized story, some events are accurate. Custer truly asked Congress to control the Indian reservation and stop the growing corruption which ruined the lives of Indians. Custer was a true friend of some Indians such as Bloody Knife and was a regular attendee of Indian ceremonies (most notably Ree and Crow ceremonies). He knew all about Indian customs and had learnt the Indians sign language.

On the movie: Only 16 of the extras were Sioux Indians in th scene of the Little Bighorn. The rest of the Native American army were Fillipino extras. Knowing the scene would be dangerous, Anthony Quinn ordered a hearse on the day of shooting as a joke. Two extras did die during the filming of the sequence. One untrained rider died in a fall from his horse, reportedly while drunk.

The score was composed by Max Steiner. He adapted George Armstrong Custer's favorite song, "Garryowen", into the score. Custer first heard the song from Irish soldiers. In the film, he hears it from English soldiers instead (symbolism of the British-American alliance for the upcoming liberation of the world during World War II. The character of William Cooke, from Canada, is here portrayed by a British officer named Butler).

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