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The specialists of the Little Bighorn battlefield think that the Indians suffered high casualties during the battle + more evidence of monuments built by the Indians (stakes) 

Messageby a LBH specialist to, July 1st, 2008

"I have seen the cairns (215 to 250 monuments for the fallen warriors errected by the Indians on the day of the battle) and the pin flags (200 flags put on the battlefield by the National Park Service after research on the location of fallen braves), and do not forget the stakes that are also scattered about the battlefield. (...)

As for a large number of Indian killed, I know the rangers (historians of the National Park Service) feel that way also. I am friends with all of the rangers and have spoken with Ken Woody and Marvin Dawes about this on several occasions. As for John (Doerner), I first met him back in 2001 and his work on the Indian memorials has been first rate. I am always excited when his research, along with the family of a fallen warrior, allows for a markers for the warrior. Roman Nose got one at the Reno/Benteen Defense Site this year bringing the total warrior marker number to 18 so far.

Someday I hope all the warriors will be represented. But like I said earlier the National Park Service is only placing markers for warriors that they can verify. There are several warriors killed on the Hardorff lists that still have yet to be placed on the field, and as of yet there are no stones around Calhoun Hill, a place we know warriors died. Hopefully more stones will come up for placement in the coming years.

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