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July 2, 1863. The first painting of the battle of Hunterstown! By Jared Frederick
official dedication on July 2, 2008, for the Custer Monument at Hunterstown, PA

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Custer reenactor speaks to Norville Churchill's family. Norville Churchill was the soldier who saved Custer's life at Hunterstown.

__________ member and Little Bighorn author Arthur Unger put on CD-ROM the entire and original case of the Reno Court of Inquiry
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The original handwritten transcript of the Reno Court of Inquiry has been lost for all time by our government.  It appears that the transcript of this most important event was not deemed to be a document worthy of saving.  All that remains in the National Archives of this document is a microfilm made around 1930, when the United States Government began a record destruction program.  The microfilm that was made is a 32mm, positive image version.  Good luck in finding a reader of this type of microfilm, let alone a printer.  I was able to have the microfilm version converted to a searchable, book marked and indexed Adobe PDF format file, now available on a convenient cd-rom (ISBN 978-0-615-23576-9, Arthur C. Unger, 2008).  There were 1262 pages of handwritten testimony, summations, findings and exhibits in this file. 

It is indexed by page, so any page can be readily accessed. 

It is book marked by day so any day can be convienently found.

It is book marked by witness, so the testimony of a witness over a number of days can be quickly researched.

Pages of your choice can be printed.

See the changes in handwriting as different scribes were used to record the testimony given at the inquiry.  The pace of the testimony was so intense the scribes quit one after another.  See the days were there were no scribes available and the Court pasted clippings from the Chicago Times into transcript to make the "official record".  There are numerous printed transcripts available today of the Reno Court of Inquiry but this is the real deal, the original handwritten official record, unedited, unchanged and uninterpreted.

The cd-roms  with searchable, book marked and indexed PDF format files are now available on this website for $40.00 usd plus $10.00 usd for postage and handling to domestic United States locations.  Postage and handling to international locations is $16. All CD-ROMs will be shipped by US Priority Mail, for a total cost of $50.00 usd ($56.00 usd for International).  This may be a once in a lifetime chance to own a real primary source document pertaining to George Armstrong Custer and the Battle of the Little Bighorn.

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