New Custer in videos

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Inspired by a love of history and its amazing accounts of human endeavor, model making and dramatic representations of the people, places and things that have shaped our culture.  NEW CUSTER VIDEOS

 Owen Wilson plays Eli Cash, a Custer buff who wrote a novel and is always dressed like the BoyGeneral. In the funny movie "The Royal Tenenbaums" (2001)

Custer cited in "The Last Samurai" (2004)

 General Custer in "Stolen Women, Captured Hearts", a shameless TV show "based on a true story" (revised by Hollywood). Sarah Morgan and Anna White were captured by Cheyenne Indians in the summer of 1868 and became their sexual slaves. They were eventually freed by General Custer's men in 1869. In this typical modern revisionism, the two poor women fall in love with their Indian rapists.

Custer cited in "We were soldiers", on the heroic stand of the 7th cavalry in Vietnam. With Mel Gibson.

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