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Inspired by a love of history and its amazing accounts of human endeavor, model making and dramatic representations of the people, places and things that have shaped our culture.

Custer historians and specialists: support the creation of the US stamps honoring the BoyGeneral and Tom.


A stamp from the Sierra Leone honoring US General George Armstrong Custer.
In the United States, you have better not have fought for America in the XIXth Century if you want to be honored. A recent serie of US stamps on Legends of the West did not depict General Custer and no stamp has ever honored his record during the Civil War. Americans were probably busy selling out their own soldiers in the name of collective ignorance and ridiculous self-hatred.

If you fought for the Star and Stripes during the Civil War and the Indian wars, if you received two Medals of Honor, forget about it. You won't be honored by the US Postal Service. But if you killed and mutilated American soldiers, the USA will thank you for a job well done...

Now, some Civil War historians want the Custer brothers to be honored by their ungrateful country. Here is the email received by

My names is Singh Sahib (Sikh minister title) Sat Hanuman Singh Khalsa. I have been a Civil War living historian since 1992. I am a member of the 5th NY Duryee Zouaves. I have also been a member of CBHA and LBHA as well. The late Brian Pohanka, a dear friend of mine and I put together a list of Civil
War (many unknown to most Americans) Unsung Heroes set of 20 US Stamps to present to Citizens Advisory Council of the US Postal.  Greg Urwin, Brian, Robert Utley and many others sent letters of support for this because, both General George A. Custer and Captain Thomas W. Custer (2 MOH) are listed.  

This for the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War which our Nation will be celebrating and remembering in less than 3 years. If you have any way of posting this list or getting the word out, I would love to get your endorsement. Brian thought that having both Custer's in this list may cause the Advisory Committee to not want to include them but I feel we must. They both are heroes in the own right. Maybe the time is
right for America to remember who these great patriots were.

You'll find that this less is impeccable and that by including three women, 1 African-American (first to receive the MOH), 1 Native-American (US Grant's personal secretary),  Cavalry, Infantry, and Artillery is represented plus Eastern and Western Theatres of the War are included.  We chose Stuart over
Mosby because he balances Custer. We didn't include Forrest either or any other known Confederate. Brian was an advisor on many CW movies: Glory, Gettysburg, Cold Mountain, and many others. He knew is history of that period like no other.  

Thanks for your support,

S. S. Sathanuman S. Khalsa
Troutdale, Oregon

Civil War Heroes
April 12th 1861- April 12th 1865
150th Anniversary Commemorative
April 12th 2011-April 12th 2015

US Stamp proposal to USPS Citizen's Advisory Committee
 This set will include 20 heroes of the American Civil war, who have never been honored in a US Stamp collection.  An historic biography on each individual who brought honor to the Field of Battle will be provided. This is a select group representing both Federal and Confederate sides of the great human drama in US history. This group was chosen with consultation of the late Brian Pohanka, known US Civil War historian and author. It shows a unique diversity of both men and women.
Federal Heroes:
Mary Walker- MOH recipient
Mary Tepee-Kearny Cross
Sgt William Carney- MOH recipient
Colonel Ely Parker
Colonel Ephraim Elmer Ellsworth
General John Buford
General Joshua L. Chamberlain- MOH recipient
General George A. Custer
General Emory Upton
Captain Thomas W. Custer -2 MOH
Confederate Heroes:

Sgt Richard R. Kirkland
Captain Sally Tomkins
General James Longstreet
General John B. Gordon
General Patrick Cleburne
General  James Ewell Brown JEB Stuart
General Lewis Armistead
General Leonidas Polk
General Pierre Gurtave Toutant Beauregard
General E. Porter Alexander

Historical stamp with General Custer, produced by the Republic of Touva (Russia)

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