Custer buffs: new mission

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Inspired by a love of history and its amazing accounts of human endeavor, model making and dramatic representations of the people, places and things that have shaped our culture.Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian will raise interest in General Custer... But the mission of Custer buffs must be defined.


Battling in the Smithsonian museums with Ben Stiller:
Attila the Hun, Sacajewea, General Custer, Teddy Roosevelt, Amelia Earhart, Abraham Lincoln.
Right: a fictional pharaoh, Al Capone, the French emperor Napoleon Ist, the Russian tzar Ivan the Terrible. Also in the movie: General Grant, Albert Einstein and the Wright brothers.
 It is a fact: nothing is better for a historical character than being portrayed in the serie "Night at the Museum". The attendance of the Museum of Natural History rose up +20% because of the first movie. People became interested in Teddy Roosevelt and especially Sacajewea, who got a new popularity around the world.
Of course, we hope that this new portrayal of George Armstrong Custer will remain funny and not negative (Autie seems to be a funny hero in the movie). Bill Hader's performance is already celebrated as the highlight of the trailer. It is the responsability of Custer buffs to ensure that new people interested in the BoyGeneral because of this blockbuster get accurate information.

Ironically enough, more than 120 years after Lieutenant General Miles' work on Custer's Last Stand, people are still surprised with the case of the betrayal or Custer's real deeds. The reason of this incredible ignorance is the endemic laziness and intellectual dishonesty that are running the Custer galaxy.

The Custer folklore is almost entirely built on falsehoods
Custer killed prisoners of war during the Civil War: false. Custer was lucky in his battles: false. Custer was not liked by his commanders: false. Custer was considered as reckless by his soldiers: false. Custer's performance during the war was mediocre: false. Custer was a womanizer: false. Custer had an Indian child: false. There was a schism in the 7th cavalry: false. Custer did not look for Major Elliott during the battle of the Washita: false. Washita was a massacre: false. Chief Black Kettle was a "peace chief" in a sleeping village: false. Black Kettle had no white hostages: false. The Indians hated Custer: false. Benteen was leading a big anti-Custer clan inside the 7th cavalry: false. Cusetr disobeyed orders at Little Bighorn: false. There were thousands of warriors with Sitting Bull: false. Custer had no plan: false. The plan was drawn of false intelligence: false. The battle was short: false. Indian casualties were low: false. Reno's decision to withdraw was justified: false. Benteen's decision to disobey to his orders was justified: false. The jaming of the carbines explains the defeat: false. Benteen and Reno did not hear the battle: false. There was no Last Stand: false. Everybody blamed Custer: false. Benteen was celebrated by his men for saving them: false. There was an inquiry following the battle: false.

This is where we are: 99% of what we "know" about General Custer is false. After the Little Bighorn, the US army whitewashed George Armstrong Custer's life and wrote a screenplay to explain the defeat without conducting an inquiry.

By stating that Custer was fool and incompetent, the US army covered the betrayal up. By saying that Custer was a criminal, today's Indians rewrite history to promote a massive anti-American agenda. By remaining silent and disinformed, Custer buffs are making fools of themselves.

With Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian, Custer buffs have a chance to CHANGE the situation. History is - has always been - on our side.

Read serious books and be careful with the folklore and the persons who rely on false patriotism and political correctness to explain history. Look for evidence and stick to it when you discuss George Armstrong Custer with someone else.



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