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 No official military inquiry on Custer's Last Stand since June 25, 1876

The Reno Court of Inquiry concluded that Major Reno had lied under oath about the volleys heard in the valley. No legal action was ever taken against him.

The files of the Reno Court of Inquiry were locked up until the year 1951, when Colonel William Graham asked for the release of the Archives.

As of today, 50% of these files are missing.

Some of these files were "accidentally destroyed" in 1930.

Many of the official files of the US army on the Little Bighorn are extracts of newspapers.

Captain Benteen kept the vital order "Be quick, bring packs" in his pockets from 1876 to 1879. No one saw it.

No American lawyer has ever defended George Armstrong Custer in court. He has never had a fair trial or an inquiry.

The answer of America on the death of 268 US soldiers is : do not care.


(Reno was a) "yellow streaked coward." (Benteen was a) "disloyal officer openly disobeying his commanding officer's orders, which he had in his pocket, and a traitor to his comrades and his country."

"He (Benteen) would not have been endangered by any ambush in the dry coulee down which Custer went- for his route at a lope (General Miles says in 10 minutes) he would have headed the dry coulee "Medicine Tail" straight across the ridge directly on the flank and rear of Gall's Uncpapas and stampeded both he and Crazy Horse's Ogallallas. Indians could never stand a surprise attack at any hour, morning or night, upon their flank or rear. "

"With 380 men and the ammunition packs closed up, Benteen and Reno could and ought to have made that effort to save Custer's command. They they did not do so will always be recorded as a crime (...)"
Capt Robert Carter, US 4th cavalry

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