Indians desecrating graves at Custer battlefield!

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Inspired by a love of history and its amazing accounts of human endeavor, model making and dramatic representations of the people, places and things that have shaped our culture.Custer buffs have always been kind with today's American Indians who were seen as peaceful "descendants of victims of conquest" and deserved recognition. The truth is: since the 1970s, the Indians are at war with the USA. They will stop at nothing to rewrite history and insult US soldiers. At the site of Custer’s Last Stand, desecration of graves by Indians is not an uncommon practice.


source: New York Times, 1997

"To one defender of Lieut. Col. George A. Custer, it is like building a memorial to the Mexicans killed at the Alamo or ''handing the Vietnam War memorial over to the Vietnamese.''

When the dust of the debate settles, some of the critics' resentment boils down to numbers. About 270 soldiers and Indian scouts of the Seventh Cavalry were killed in the battle. The only memorial in their honor is a weather-beaten granite obelisk that has a modern-day replacement value of $50,000.

The memorial planned in the honor of the Sioux and Cheyennes would be a walk-in monument expected to cost as much as $2 million.

Critics, most of them white, accuse Superintendant [in 1997] Baker of ''Indianizing'' the battlefield. They say he steered the bus guide contract to the Crow college, required that applicants for park janitorial jobs speak Crow, and replaced white veterans groups with Crow veterans groups at Memorial Day ceremonies.

''It has gone too far over to one side,'' said James Court, a tour operator who was the monument superintendent in the mid-1980's.

Most symbolic of all, critics say, Mr. Baker has turned a blind eye to incidents of Indians desecrating the mass grave by derisively tapping the obelisk with sticks, an act they call ''counting coup.'' During Mr. Baker's tenure, animosities have grown so sharp that he has received death threats over the telephone."

Battlefield under attack: the descendants of those who tortured and mutilated the men of the 7th cavalry have found new ways to outrage the dignity of fallen soldiers. Guide TO DEAL WITH INDIAN RADICALS

1)      Stick to strong and credible historical sources. Cite names, precise dates and actions. Use’s sources if you need it. Indian radicals are driven by historical illiteracy and blind hatred. They are pathetic losers and if you stick to facts, they are done.

Do not play with the rules of these racist Indian radicals. They do not want to speak about history, but about race and White guilt. They want you to be the guilty White who accepts historical revisionism and is afraid to fight.
If you take a stand for History, you will quickly unmask the bigotry of these outlaws: the Indian radicals call their comrades who refuse their propaganda “the apple” (red outside, white inside).


3)      Name Little Bighorn battlefield “site of Custer’s Last Stand” or “Custer Battlefield”, until the radicals stop insulting him and his soldiers. The name of “Little Bighorn battlefield National Monument” was chosen to celebrate peace between Indians and Whites and the recognition of the bravery of the warriors. And what have we got since 1993? Desecration, more insults and infamous revisionism. Let’s go back to the old days when Honor was still what mattered in Montana.


4)      If you meet an American Indian desecrating the graves or monument of the fallen soldiers at the site of Custer’s Last Stand or any other historical site, you are invited to physically harm him in the most painful way possible.


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