The University of Oxford on the betrayal

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Inspired by a love of history and its amazing accounts of human endeavor, model making and dramatic representations of the people, places and things that have shaped our culture.In a 2008 printing of an authoritative book on American history, an editor of the famous University of OXFORD (United Kingdom) added interesting comments on General Custer and his last battle.

In the 2008 printing of the book A Concise History of the American Republic- Second Edition, a classic and authoritative "bible" on American history published by the University of Oxford, one of the most prestigious universities in the world, the editor added:

“Major General George Armstrong Custer (1839-1876). Only two years after graduating from West Point in 1861, he was brevetted major-general and during the Civil War he earned a brilliant reputation as a cavalry officer.

“Custer’s Last Stand” at the Battle of the Little Big Horn, 25-26 June 1876, was one of the most memorable episodes of the waning years of the Wild West.

Vain, cocksure, Custer has been denounced as a glory-hunter who led his men into a massacre, but recent scholarship has placed the blame of the disaster on his subordinate commanders and on a feckless policy toward the Indians.”


Samuel Eliot Morrison, Henry Steele Commager, William E. Leuchtenburg, A Concise History of the American Republic- Second Edition, Oxford University Press, printing 2008, page 397



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