Grant's corruption and the cover-up

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Inspired by a love of history and its amazing accounts of human endeavor, model making and dramatic representations of the people, places and things that have shaped our culture.In September 1876, President Grant gave the official signal for the cover-up. The army closed the case without any inquiry. Ulysses Grant had his revenge.


The Belknap Scandal,
one of the series of scandals that marked President Ulysses S. Grant's second administration. Carrie Tomlinson Belknap, second wife of Secretary of War William W. Belknap, secured a
lucrative post tradership at Fort Sill for John S. Evans. Mrs. Belknap reportedly received $6,000 per year for this service.
After her death in 1870 it was alleged that the money was paid directly to Secretary Belknap. A subsequent congressional investigation revealed that Secretary Belknap continued to receive payments from Evans even after Mrs. Belknap's death. On 2 March 1876 the House of Representatives voted unanimously to impeach the secretary.

The Congressional Democrats were not about to let Grant and Belknap get away with this situation so easily and continued their investigation, or “rather their efforts to embarrass the President, since they lacked the two-thirds vote necessary of impeachment.” Belknap and Grant were something like two slices of bread that the Democrats were trying to make into a sandwich but didn’t have enough meat to hold the thing together. Custer, with his complaints and accusations about the trader at Fort Abraham Lincoln, and ultimately Belknap before a Senate Comiteee in April 1876, provided the Democrats with some very juicy meat.

William Belknap resigned the same day, and Grant, a personal friend of the Belknap family, immediately accepted his resignation.


A few months after Custer's Last Stand, President Grant told newspapers that the battle of the Little Bighorn was "Custer's unnecessary sacrifice of soldiers".

It was the official signal for the cover-up. The army closed the case without any inquiry and began a defamatory campaign against George A. Custer. Ulysses Grant had his revenge.

Since that day, not a single line of the story on Custer's Last Stand has changed. This is exactly, word for word, the one-sentence story that President Grant gave to the press.


No evidence, no inquiry, no lawyers. Just a little screenplay by a corrupt President who had his revenge.

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