CDW: a new American Indian jihad

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Inspired by a love of history and its amazing accounts of human endeavor, model making and dramatic representations of the people, places and things that have shaped our culture.A new display of American Indian racism and historical distortion: the Custer dolls of "Night at the Museum 2" are under attacks by American Indians in South Dakota

Engaged in a racist crusade since the 1970s to whitewash history, defame historical figures and rewrite the facts in their favor, today's American Indians are promoting ignorance, attacking historians and scholars and desecrating historical landmarks.

Let flush history down the toilet and have a new, fictionous history written by racist morons from the American Indian circles in Rapid City!

Rapid City Journal, June 12, 2009

Say it isn't so! Lt. Colonel George Armstrong Custer has invaded Lakota country again, this time through the Happy Meals sold to little children at McDonald's.

Bobbie DuBray, Administrative Assistant for the Lakota Peoples Law Project was not only shocked by this apparent display of racial insensitivity, but also angered by it. (...)

The Major Reno Nation? Famous Author Michael Medved does his homework - including research on the battle of the Washita and the whole Indian wars, to promote truth and stop anti-Americanism. To the contrary of what people think, Americans are no proud patriots, but insecure people who accept and promote atrocious lies on their country without any reaction. Frightening.

Dallas Morning News, March 6, 2012: 
The President of Mexico will be present at the Ceremony remembering how the Indian/Mexican killer Davy Crockett was eventually eliminated at the Alamo. The officials will then inaugurate the Santa Anna Monument and explain how the Mexican culture saved Jim Bowie from moral decadence. Get your tickets today for 6 pesos in San Antonio.

Washington Times, September 21, 2011: 
President Obama has officially apologized to the British Parlament for the Boston Tea Party. A new museum for Mutual Understanding will be erected in Yorktown and named after King George. 

Richmond Dispatch, June 13, 2010: 
In an effort to promote better understanding between Black and White people, the Museum of the Confederacy closed today. The exhibits will be burnt during a touching ceremony with the family of the famous White-hating activist Malcolm X, who recently got a posthumous Medal of Honor.

Denver Post, July 4, 2010: 
In an effort to promote better understanding between Whites and Indians, the National Park Service removed today the last of the 210 graves at the Little Bighorn Victory National Monument. The ranger will now explain to visitors that these soldiers were not only monsters, but cowards and, in fact, foreigners. 
A new exhibition will show to visitors the wisdom of the Native American culture, the only true Americans of the area, with the help of the new Screw Custer section of the Washita Extermination Study Center of White Guilt in Oklahoma.

Furthermore, the president of the Department of Education, Ward Churchill, is expected to give the opening address for a touching ceremony honoring Santee Chief Little Crow in Mankato, Minnesota.

New York Post, September 11, 2011: 
In a touching ceremony marking the 10th anniversary of these deserved attacks against our sinful country, the Bin Ladin family received today the apologies of America and dedicated the new monument honoring Mohammed Atta and the few other misunderstood Arab young men who took flying lessons.


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