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Son of the Morning Star (full movie)


Nathaniel Phillbrick on his book "The Last Stand"


must-see - "Guns, germs and Steel" : cultural failure and diseases in the New World- the cause of the collapse of American Indians. Debunking the "genocide" defamation, by Dr. Jared Diamond (Nobel Peace Prize of Science)



Grenier Consulting Group, LLC, is offering a Red Cloud's War and Great Sioux War Staff Ride from 28 Jul to 1 Aug 2010.   We will meet in Denver and spend 5 days traveling the battlefields and learning about the personalities of those two conflicts.   Guides for this Staff Ride are Dr. John Grenier, PhD (an award-winning historian and professor) and Dr. Rick Herrera, PhD (an expert on conducting staff rides and someone who has led this ride several times).   This Staff Ride is very similar to the one offered by the US Army's Combat Studies Institute, but we travel at a more relaxed pace and as a participant, you get the undivided attention of Drs. Grenier and Herrera.   If you are interested in attending, please contact Dr. Grenier at    

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