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For the record: Benteen and Reno apologists constantly refer to the 1879 Reno Court of Inquiry as the extensive investigation on the Little Bighorn. But facts tell us a different story.

The RCOI was asked by Major Reno three years after the battle, and was therefore called "the Inquiry at the request of Marcus Reno". It was not a normal legal process by the US army or any kind of official inquiry that should have taken place immediately after the disaster.
Moreover, the validity of the court is non-existent. Fake exhibits, perjuries ignored, selection of witnesses, ban of writing material for journalists... The court produced some good testimonies (many have been illegally destroyed by the US army in 1931), and even concluded that Benteen and Reno lied under oath by claiming that they did not hear the firing of Custer's command. But no legal action has ever been undertaken.

Benteen was so happy about this farce, and sure that he would never be prosecuted, that he joyfully wrote in his personal letters how he had commited perjuries in court.

The Reno Court of Inquiry, asked by Marcus Reno, has no legal validity. Even chairman Jesse Lee (Lt) or the US General-in-chief Nelson A. Miles denounced it as a sinister decoy. But this story has been erased in most history books.
Generations of historians and scholars, and still the SAQ.

Stop Asking Questions : the story of the Little Bighorn since 1876.

Mysteries always come with silence.
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