Washington D.C. (update)

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laststandpetitsomiar.jpg CUSTER'S CAPITOL HILL
custerwest's pictures in Washington D.C., 25-28 October 2009
The Capitol
General Grant inside the Capitol
The Library of Congress.

 According to the files of the Library, David Cornut's book in French, "Little Big Horn, autopsy of a legendary battle", which was selected by the LC, has been asked - and is currently read - by a senator of the United States Congress. The link to the book in the catalog of the LC 

Smithsonian Museum

General George Armstrong Custer's legendary buckskin jacket

Grave of the unknown soldier

Be quick. W.W. Cooke. Arlington Cemetery
And... an ordinary day in Washington D.C. : the Helicopter MARINE ONE with President Obama going back to the White House.

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