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  • The RCOI and the witnesses

    03 mars 2008

    Little Bighorn veteran Gerard explained to Walter Camp the pressure put on the shoulders of the witnesses during the Inquiry on the battle WITNESSES UNDER PRESSURE source: Robert Nightengale, Little Big Horn, FarWest Publishing, 1996, page 171 (Major...

  • Explaining a worldwide phenomenon

    05 mars 2008

    Interview of the author of "Custerology" which relates the story of Custeriana over the years EXPLAINING CUSTERIANA source: Michael Elliott's interview "Custerology: The Enduring Legacy of the Indian Wars and George Armstrong Custer" (Univ. of Chicago...

  • Perjuries in court

    09 mars 2008

    Captain Carter was the friend of many Little Bighorn veterans and was appalled by their perjuries during the Inquiry on the battle "THEY'VE NEVER TOLD THE WHOLE TRUTH" source: Colonel William Graham, The Custer Myth, 1953, Stackpole Books, pages 309-316...

  • Benteen celebrated Little Bighorn

    11 mars 2008

    BENTEEN CELEBRATED LITTLE BIGHORN "There he is, God damn him. He will never fight anymore." Captain Benteen while seeing General Custer's body, June 27, 1876 "I thought that Custer could take care of himself ." Captain Benteen to the Court of Inquiry,...

  • LBH heroes from England

    12 mars 2008

    Heroes of Little Bighorn from England HER MAJESTY SOLDIERS source: 7th cavalry records. miniatures: ; artwork: Benda Murphy's "Courage is rightly esteemed the first of human qualities... because it is the quality which guarantees...

  • Liddic on Benteen and Reno

    14 mars 2008

    Historian and LBH specialist Bruce Liddic on Benteen's and Reno's behavior during the Court of Inquiry on the Little Bighorn BENTEEN'S AND RENO'S TESTIMONIES source: Bruce Liddic, Vanishing Victory: Custer's Final March, Upton & Sons, 2004, pages 38,...

  • Press from North Carolina on LBH

    17 mars 2008

    The press was condemning the betrayal during Custer's Last Stand THE PRESS AND THE LITTLE BIGHORN source : Greasy Grass Magazine, Volume XVIII, May 2002 , edited by member Jeff Veach From the North Carolina Weekly Star, 1879, after the...

  • East Cavalry Field: Custer vs Stuart

    18 mars 2008

    Brigadier General Custer, 23 years old, who gained his title 60 hours before the Battle of Gettysburg, won the East Cavalry Fight (July 3, 1863) against legendary General J.E.B. Stuart FIRST LAURELS source : Echoes of Gettysburg edited by

  • Letter by RCOI chairman

    19 mars 2008

    The recorder of the Inquiry on Little Bighorn confirmed his opinion on the betrayal to Elizabeth Custer JESSE LEE'S LETTER TO MISS CUSTER source: "A Very Real Salmagundi; or Look What I Found This Summer", ed. by John M. Carroll, 1980, edited by

  • Godfrey on wounded soldiers

    20 mars 2008

    Did wounded forbid Benteen's and Reno's soldiers to support Custer's? WOUNDED SOLDIERS ON RENO HILL source: Captain Michael J. Koury, Diaries of Little Bighorn, page 11 Benteen's and Reno's defense said that a few wounded soldiers of Reno's command forbid...

  • Hearing the firing on Reno Hill

    20 mars 2008

    "WE HEARD THE FIRING OF CUSTER'S BATTLE" sources: pages quoted in text. The Reno Court of Inquiry (official report, Ronald Nichols' edition, 1995). Robert Nightengale, Little Big Horn, FarWest Publishing, 1996 "I did not...

  • Captain Carter on the betrayal

    24 mars 2008

    Captain Robert Carter analyzed the Court of Inquiry and strongly condemned Benteen and Reno "THEIR BEHAVIOR WILL BE RECORDED AS A CRIME" source: A Very Real Salmagundi; or Look What I Found This Summer, edited by John M. Carroll, 1980, edited by

  • 30th member

    25 mars 2008 welcomes its 30th member 30 SPECIALISTS TAKE A STAND LBHA member and Custer author Athur C. Unger joins today. 612 pages 347 daily visitors 15 pages seen per visitor each day by far the most visited, accurate and influential...

  • Legend of the West: Wild Bill Hickock

    26 mars 2008

    The famous Old West hero was General Custer's scout and friend LEGEND OF THE OLD WEST WILD BILL HICKOCK source: Wild Bill Hicock, by James Bankes, Wild West Magazine, August 1996, HistoryNet Don Crowley James Butler Hickok, the renowned "Wild Bill," remains...

  • The other Custer

    27 mars 2008

    A funny story by Custer's relative Brice C. Custer THE OTHER CUSTER source: Major Brice Custer Jr, The Sacrificial Lion , Upton and Sons,1999, page 270 The Custer family has cherished its military legacy. Many Custer's relatives ended in the military...

  • Noble military conduct at Washita

    28 mars 2008

    Indian account: how Custer's men took great risks to spare civilians during the 1868 battle MEN OF HONOR AT WASHITA source: Stan Hoig, The Battle of the Washita, University of Oklahoma Press, 1970, page 159 Account of the battle of the Washita taken by...

  • The Reno whitewash

    29 mars 2008

    How Major Reno, a drunk coward, escaped punishment after Little Bighorn THE RENO WHITEWASH source: a letter included in "Reminiscenes of General Custer: Custer's Last Battle", by Richard A. Roberts. Edited by member and Civil War author...

  • Benteen on the Last Stand

    31 mars 2008

    A Last Stand... according to Captain Benteen THE LAST STAND... ACCORDING TO THE TRAITOR Letter by Captain Frederick Benteen to a friend, December 22, 1868 "Who can describe the feeling of that brave band, as with anxious beating hearts, they strained...

  • Chief Two Moon on LBH

    01 avril 2008

    The story of the Cheyenne chief during Custer's Last Stand TWO MOON'S ACCOUNT source: Two Moon's interview, 1898 (portrait of the Chief below) "I went to water my horses at the creek, and washed them off with cool water, then took a swim myself. I came...

  • Crow hero

    02 avril 2008

    Tribal historian John Medicine Crow, grandson of White Man Runs Him, Custer's Crow scout at Little Bighorn, is also a World War II hero WORLD WAR II HERO Retired U.S. Senator Alan Simpson, R-Wyoming, joined Senator Jon Tester in Billings March 19 to announce...

  • Crook ignored the gunfire

    04 avril 2008

    Reno and Benteen were not the only ones who did not want to fight the Sioux CUSTER WAS FIGHTING, CROOK WAS HUNTING source: Annals of Wyoming, pages 184-185, Wyoming Trails George Crook's huge column was a part of Sheridan's army against the Sioux in 1876......

  • Around the Last Stand

    08 avril 2008

    Cheyenne warrior Wooden Leg's story during the very Last Stand (6 p.m.- 6.20 p.m.) SCENE OF THE LAST STAND source: Gregory F. Michno, Lakota Noon, the Indian narrative of Custer’s defeat, Missoula, Mountain Press, 1997, page 251 "Remaining mounted most...

  • Libbie's stand

    10 avril 2008

    Libbie Custer was a lone widow in Victorian times. But she stood up for the honor of her husband and fought the traitors of Little Bighorn LIBBIE'S STAND AGAINST RENO source : Libbie Custer to Mr. J.A.. Shoemaker, Daytona, Florida; March 19, 1925 Dear...

  • Custer's first Indian campaign

    11 avril 2008

    The first campaign of the Seventh Cavalry against the Indians CUSTER'S CAMPAIGN IN 1867 (THE HANCOCK EXPEDITION IN KANSAS) sources: Kansas Historical Quaterly, Summer, 1970 (Vol. 36, No. 2), pages 113-148, Kansas Collection (...) The expedition to the...

  • Son of the Morning Star: new clip

    13 avril 2008

    NEW CLIP FROM SON OF THE MORNING STAR YOU CAN BUY THE DVD of the movie: RAREMOVIES.COM Historical insights about the clip below: the two women Custer freed were Sarah White and Anna Morgan, and both were brutally treated by the Cheyennes. The chiefs were...

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