Black Kettle's men in the massacres

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One of Black Kettle's headmen was leading 200 warriors in massacres of white civilians before the battle of the Washita.
source: Richard G. Hardorff., Washita Memories, Norman, University of Oklahoma Press, page 52

Testimony of witness Edmund Guerrier, mix-blood civilian: 

"I was with the Cheyenne Indians at the time of the massacre of the Solomon and Saline Rivers, in Kansas, the early part or middle of last August, and I was living at this time with Little Rock's band [Little Rock and Black Kettle led the same band]. The war party [of 200 Cheyennes and 4 Arapahoes] who started for the Solomon was composed of young men of Little Rock's, Black Kettle's [all from Black Kettle's village], Medicine Arrow's and Bull Bear's bands [...] 
Red Nose, and The Man Who Breaks The Marrow Bones, (Ho-eh-a-mo-a-ha) were the two leaders of the massacre; the former belonged to the Dog Soldiers, and the latter to Black Kettle's band."

Black Kettle: the peaceful warchief of a peaceful band which was peacefully on the warpath and peacefully killing more than 200 white men, women and children...

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