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the  campaign and the battle of the Little Bighorn

Before the battle

etoilesommajor.gifGeorge Crook in 1876: how his column betrayed the others involved in the Sioux campaign
etoilesommajor.gifTerry's orders to Custer - Carte blanche 
etoilesommajor.gifWitness: General Terry told General Custer to rely on his own judgment 
etoilesommajor.gifThe links between two American legends: Custer's spurs came directly from the Alamo 
etoilesommajor.gifCuster and Tullocks Creek : the 7th cavalry scouted the area
etoilesommajor.gifAccounts of Custer's clothes on the fatal day 
etoilesommajor.gifLieutenant Varnum's accoun's of the fatal morning 
etoilesommajor.gifWhat the Indian scouts really said to Custer: "Attack at once" 
etoilesommajor.gifThe real size of the Indian village (and not the lies spread after the battle)

Custer's plan

etoilesommajor.gif Military Instructor: "Custer's tactics very possibly would have been used by any other officer" + Marine Robert Nightengale's analysis
etoilesommajor.gifArmy officer and former professor at the General Staff College: "All the veterans who studied Little Bighorn with me took the same decisions that Custer did"
etoilesommajor.gif US General-in-chief Nelson A. Miles (Medal of Honor, the best Indian fighter in US history): Custer's orders were judicious, his subordinates didn't do their duty - Custer not responsible for the disaster
etoilesommajor.gif General Thomas Rosser: Custer's plan was a good one
etoilesommajor.gif2007 posthumous court-martial and exclusive opinion by a custerwest.org visitor and current judge of criminal court (with military experience as an officer) 

Major Reno's offensive and rout

etoilesommajor.gif Private William Taylor: "Reno showed his incompetence and Benteen his indifference"
etoilesommajor.gifLieutenant Godfrey: "Reno failed to hold a leg."
etoilesommajor.gifTestimony on the battle in the timber
etoilesommajor.gif Reno in the timber: a strong position
etoilesommajor.gif Captain French on Major Reno: "I should have shot him"
etoilesommajor.gif Lieutenant Godfrey: Reno's utter failure
etoilesommajor.gif Cheyenne warrior Wooden Leg's account of the Reno battle
etoilesommajor.gifVIDEO: A summary of Major Reno's actions during the battle of the Little Bighorn
etoilesommajor.gif The amazing story of Lieutenant DeRudio (Italy) and Private Thomas O'Neill at Little Bighorn
Captain Benteen's scout and betrayal

etoilesommajor.gif What Custer's last messenger really said to Benteen
etoilesommajor.gif A record of Benteen's slowness and disobedience to orders
etoilesommajor.gifCaptain Weir: "We must go to the sound of the guns!" + VIDEO
etoilesommajor.gif "Be quick. Bring packs" Custer's last orders analyzed by Historian Kuhlman

Reno Hill: waiting without any threat

etoilesommajor.gifPrivate Thompson on Major Reno
etoilesommajor.gifWaiting on Reno Hill, the story (with testimonies)
etoilesommajor.gifLieutenant Godfrey: "We heard firing in the valley and officers said that the command ought to do something"
etoilesommajor.gif"We heard the firing coming from Custer's command": 9 testimonies of men on Reno Hill + VIDEO
etoilesommajor.gifLieutenant Godfrey: "We had only a few wounded and had to support Custer" 
etoilesommajor.gifReno's behavior on Reno Hill
etoilesommajor.gif No threat around Reno Hill : analysis and testimonies by Sitting Bull and officers of the Seventh
etoilesommajor.gif"We must join Custer!" - the story of Captain Weir on Reno Hill  + VIDEO
etoilesommajor.gifVIDEO: No support will ever come
etoilesommajor.gifVIDEO: Captain Thomas Weir tried to stop the betrayal: "Expecting immediate orders to advance, sir!" 
Weir Point: watching an ongoing battle

etoilesommajor.gif Watching a battle on Weir Point, the story
etoilesommajor.gif Indian scout White Man Runs Him on Weir Point : "Custer was still fighting"
etoilesommajor.gif VIDEO:  the guidon : Benteen, Reno, where are you?
etoilesommajor.gifSioux warrior Respects Nothing: "Why Reno didn't help Custer?" 
etoilesommajor.gif Testimony of Private Mulford, visiting the battlefield in 1877
 etoilesommajor.gifHistorian Michno: the battle wasn't short, but it was in the best interest of some officers to tell us it was + VIDEO

Custer's Last Battle : Benteen, Reno, where are you?

- according to American Indian warriors and ocular witnesses

etoilesommajor.gifStudying Indian accounts: why strange contradictions exist 
List of Indian warriors who fought that day

etoilesommajor.gif Little Sioux (Ree/Arikara scout) 
etoilesommajor.gifThunder Bear (Sioux)
etoilesommajor.gifLeft Hand (Arapaho) 
etoilesommajor.gif8 Indian accounts of the Last Stand
etoilesommajor.gif12 Indian accounts of the Last Stand
etoilesommajor.gifBrave Wolf (Cheyenne)

etoilesommajor.gifLieutenant Calhoun's last stand according to Sioux warchief White Bull 
etoilesommajor.gifHump (Sioux) 
etoilesommajor.gifEagle Elk (Sioux)
etoilesommajor.gifRed Horse (Sioux warchief)
etoilesommajor.gif 60 Indian accounts of the Battle
etoilesommajor.gif The story of Custer's death? Sioux warrior Beard's account
etoilesommajor.gifTurtle Rib (Sioux) on the Last Stand and Indian casualties
etoilesommajor.gifCheyenne Chief Two Moon's account 
etoilesommajor.gifCheyenne warrior Wooden Leg's account

 etoilesommajor.gifSioux Chief Horned Horse's account of the Last Stand and Indian casualties 
etoilesommajor.gif Sioux warchief Low Dog's account 

- according to Federal and modern views 

etoilesommajor.gif How the Last Stand really looked like  

etoilesommajor.gifWhy the "no last stand" theory is false

etoilesommajor.gifEvidence that Custer was alive during the Last Stand 

etoilesommajor.gif Why the bugle sounded during the last struggle  

etoilesommajor.gifCrow Scout Curley's story : what the witness of Custer's Last Stand saw  
etoilesommajor.gif7 Federal testimonies

etoilesommajor.gifWhy the Little Bighorn battlefield is a contaminated "crime scene" - and why the archaeology cannot conclude anything about the Last Stand 
etoilesommajor.gifWords of a traitor: Benteen on taking a Last Stand
The aftermath of the battle

 etoilesommajor.gifReno Hill heroes : the Siege and Battle on Reno Hill - and the Medals of Honor 
etoilesommajor.gifVIDEO:Sons of the West: graves on the battlefield 
etoilesommajor.gifA Stand for Victory: why Custer's last fight mattered for final victory
etoilesommajor.gifField of carnage: the sight of the bodies on Custer battlefied
etoilesommajor.gifGeorge Herendeen's account on Indian casualties 
etoilesommajor.gifIndian casualties: up to 250 dead warriors? The story of the cairns on Little Bighorn battlefield
etoilesommajor.gifTestimonies about Indian casualties
etoilesommajor.gifLittle Bighorn battlefield study (summer 2006): 200 Indians were killed on the battlefield 
etoilesommajor.gif VIDEO : Tribute to the 268 fallen soldiers of Little Bighorn
 etoilesommajor.gif The taboo: men tortured in the Indian village on the night of the battle 

The cover-up and the creation of a fairy tale: "the Little Bighorn mystery"

etoilesommajor.gifBenteen celebrated Little Bighorn: schocking quotes by the captain 
etoilesommajor.gifCrook ignored the battle: the "Wyoming column" heard the gunfire of Custer's Last Stand, saw the smoke but never moved 
etoilesommajor.gifLBH specialist and US Marine Robert Nightengale: the story of a cover-up + VIDEO
etoilesommajor.gif Lieutenant Gibson's personal letter : how a letter that unmasked the betrayal was changed
etoilesommajor.gif Major Reno's lies at the Reno Court of Inquiry 

etoilesommajor.gif False exhibit (I) at the Reno Court of Inquiry : the petition of the enlisted soldiers
etoilesommajor.gif False exhibit (II) at the Reno Court of Inquiry: the maps of the battle (with pictures of the maps)
etoilesommajor.gif The Reno Court of Inquiry: incomplete 

etoilesommajor.gifVIDEO: The Reno Court of Inquiry unmasked
etoilesommajor.gif The "Little Bighorn mystery" : a fairy tale 
etoilesommajor.gifReno Court of Inquiry chairman to US general-in-chief: the court was biased, Custer was betrayed + VIDEO
etoilesommajor.gif US general-in-chief Nelson A. Miles in 1898: Custer took the right decisions, was betrayed.  + VIDEO

etoilesommajor.gif Account by the Reno Court of Inquiry chairman: it was a whitewash 
etoilesommajor.gifLittle Bighorn veteran Fred Gerard: during the Inquiry, the army and Major Reno's defense were corrupting or threatening witnesses
etoilesommajor.gifPerjuries in Court: Captain Carter, friend of the officers of ther 7th cavalry, explains that the witnesses of the court lied to protect the honor of the regiment 
etoilesommajor.gif Historian Bruce Liddic: perjuries by Major Reno and Captain Benteen
etoilesommajor.gif A newspaper from North Carolina, 1879: "Custer was left to his fate because of Benteen and Reno"
etoilesommajor.gifLetter by Reno Court of Inquiry chairman to Miss Custer: Custer never disobeyed orders, Major Reno failed his mission 
etoilesommajor.gifThe Reno whitewash : Custer's personal secretary Roberts attacked Reno in an essay 
etoilesommajor.gifLibbie's stand: letter by Custer's widow to condemn Major Reno 
etoilesommajor.gifCaptain Carter, 4th cavalry and Little Bighorn specialist: "Benteen's and Reno's behavior will be recorded as a crime"
etoilesommajor.gifHow the army and Major Reno's defense changed the size of the Indian village on the official map given to the Court of Inquiry
etoilesommajor.gif Historian Wettengel on the cover-up 
etoilesommajor.gifLieut. Oscar Long's report (1878) uncovered the betrayal

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